Guitar Works

"It was in an empty apartment in Vienna in the summer of '09 that I started composing. Without distractions I found a cathartic practice in writing that helped me relate to and process the world around. Composing has been a constant companion in my life ever since.

My work is born out of a love for minimal and neoclassical music—music that can feel at once melancholic and hopeful, that can offer a space for reflection. It felt natural to me to try and combine this neoclassical sensibility with the compositional techniques I have been developing on guitar. So here we are, all those years since Vienna.

I love listening to somebody play an instrument, alone in a room, hearing the echo of the space, the squeaking of a chair, the movements of the fingers. Like you’re right there with them. I am also continually interested in how music can coexist with literature, particularly poetry, and visual art. These are all very dear to me and so I try to weave them together in ways that are meaningful to me.

I hope that the music here will resonate with you in some way. I will be releasing new music every few weeks, slowly compiling the album to which these songs belong. Thank you for listening."